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The Broken Wastes

A jumbled terrain composed of sand-covered foothills, mountains and canyons, the Broken Wastes are a largely unexplored territory east of the Great Desert and south of Varangia that holds mystery and the promise of wealth for those brave enough to explore them for untouched ruins of an earlier era.

Simhata Canyon

Four years ago a scavenger lord unturned a cache of first age detritus in one of the many canyons of the Broken Wastes, beginning what would become a rush by scoundrels, scavenger lords and governmental agents hunting for priceless relics and resources.

Almost overnight the town of Simhata Canyon was formed on the outskirts of that scavenger lord’s first discovery. Realizing that he’d be muscled out of his discovered riches by waves of fortune-seekers and eventually powerful governments, he struck a hastily-penned deal with Varangia, guaranteeing independence from the neighboring nation in exchange for a generous percentage of his his discoveries at a cut-rate discount, and turning those modest profits to the hiring of a mercenary company to enforce his nominal leadership in the quickly-developing community.

Mayor Deleg Hisa, as he’s styled himself, has smartly maintained the town’s peace with a light touch. His mercenary company, the Desert Dogs (most commonly called Dogs by the locals) focus mostly on stopping theft, murder, and protect the Mayor’s dig sites from trespassers.

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